Austen Estates Contracts

Homebred (Full) Contact

 All homebreds bear our non removable stable tag; “AES." Austen Estate retains buybacks to all homebred horses. This means that should you place a horse up for sale we get first refusal and if you leave the game, we would appreciate if you contact us or transfer them back to us.

All homebreds sold by Austen Estate are expected to be shown regularly, have records to be kept up to date. We require a working URL at all times and require one in a timely manner to consdier the breeding viable. Austen Estates may at any time conduct spot checks on any horse to validate the URL and updates on the horses record and activity of the owner. Prolonged absence or inactivity can result in sanction and eventually reclaim.

Regarding results upkeep. I expect results to be updated yearly and proof of entry to be furnished by July every year. I will accept links to associations in leu of results on the page IF an accurate point total within the last 6 months is available on the page per that associations and Titles are up to date for that time frame as well.

Breeding Contract (Broodmare)

Please refer to the sales contract for stipulations. Stallions must be approved before the use of a broodmare. All breedings from our mares bear our non removable stable tag; “AES”

Breeding Contract (Stallion)

We reserve the right to decline breeding to any mare for any reason, not including prejudice to the mare owner.

In the event a player is found to have quit All Sim or been expelled from SAI the foal will be removed from the stallion’s progeny list. If the owner has taken a break or hiatus, the foal will remain. The foal must at all times remain 3 years younger than the stallion. We reserve the right to refuse any part of the foal's information as completed above, on the grounds of genetic accuracy.  We ask that disciplines always be kept within the possibility of genetic accuracy. We also ask to be notified if a horse is imported into a structured game.

We would enjoy a working url at all times, and require one to conside the breeding viable.

Stallion (Light) Contact

Austen Estate holds no contract to horses bred from out stallions

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